In February 2013 I launched a series of artists' ebooks called Klaus eBooks. Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery is publishing the ebooks, which are available for sale on Amazon and in the iTunes store.

We plan to publish twelve ebooks through 2015. Available titles include TG-30, a collection of short stories by Body by Body (Melissa Sachs and Cameron Soren); Template Jams, an essay in design fiction by Deanna Havas; and Alien She, a book of poems and images by Isaac Richard Pool.

Ann Hirsch's interactive app Twelve, a candid memoir about a romantic correspondence that the author carried out over AOL with an adult man when she was a preteen, was censored by Apple.

But Klaus von Nichtssagend is committed to keep the work available, and is selling a limited edition of hacked iPad Minis preloaded with the app.

Greg Albers wrote an article about the project for the Museum Digital Publishing Bliki.